If the problem of Paper Jam shows when you try to print from the computer in your Epson L380 printer. But the paper is not stuck in the printer physically anywhere. This post will help you fix this issue. So, follow this post till the end.

Before this, I want to inform you that if your printer shows Service Required message when you print, you will get its solution here by clicking on it.

I want to say that the Paper Jam problem in Epson's printer is not a software problem, and it mainly arises from a hardware failure.

Friends, when shows Epson's printer Paper Jam problem, light blinking like this.

Epson L3110 Resetter - Red Light Blinking Problem

When the Mechanical Part (Wheels) can't rotate properly, this message shows on the computer screen. A little work has to be done to fix that issue, which we have discussed its solution in detail below the post after that printer starts working again. 

If your printer is not fixed with this solution below, you will have to get it repaired by going to the local Epson Service Center or dialing Epson Toll-Free Number.

How to Solve Epson L380 paper jam problem (Video Tutorial)

Final Word

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